Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pinterest Recipes

Here are some recipes I've tried from Pinterest, along with my opinion of them:

This continues to make the rounds on Pinterest, but I actually tried it and it was a colossal failure!  1) It took about 25 minutes for the ice cream to even begin to solidify and my hands were in absolute misery from the cold.  2)  The ice cubes beat holes in the ice cream baggie, causing water and salt to leak into the cream bag and the cream to leak out of its bag!  Ugh.  I stopped and double bagged the cream, but it still wasn't effective.

Gotta give this one a thumbs down, Big Time.  Love the idea...but not the results.

I've made these 4 times already for a variety of parties, and they have been a hit every time.  My oldest son thinks they're a bit much, but he's the exception.  These are a little time-consuming to put together because there are so many layers, but it's worth the effort if you have teenaged boys around.  You'll be The Cool Mom.

This one is similar, in theory, to the previous recipe, and was really good too!  The oreos remain rather crunchy, so they're almost impossible to eat with a fork, but they're almost too messy to eat by hand...but worth the effort or mess, one way or another. 

These are a quick, easy treat that will disappear almost as quickly as you can put them together!   I made some with pecans, but since many kids/teens seem to reject nuts, I made the majority with another pretzel smashed on top instead of a pecan.  Both were yummy!  

Have you noticed a pattern emerging?  All of the recipes are chock full of SUGAR!?!  Yes.  That's because...umm...NOT because I'm addicted!!'s because...I have to feed teen boys and THEY love sugar.  It's all for them.  No, really.

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Rebekah said...

Hi Lori,

Have you ever used pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough? Like a roll of the pillsbury? Feeling pretty lazy over here.....