Monday, February 10, 2014

Sticks & Stones: Wonderful Ugly Things

Yes, Words Can Kill
by Barbara Kaufmann

Wonderful things.
Ugly things.
Soar, plunge,
sting, cripple, crash.
Cost nothing.
Cost everything.
or make captive.
Paint dreams
or sculpt sorrow.
Reflections of minds,
glyphs of power
committed to paper
become the concrete,
lay the foundation,
build a life
or bury a soul.
Lift and ascend
like wings,
or slice, slash
with gleaming edge,
lay open a wound,
stab tender heart.
Grasp the stars,
cross a continent,
sink a ship,
start a war
or save a life.
Raw tissue--
bones of experience.
They are perfect
or perfectly

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