Monday, January 16, 2012

Musical Monday: Chris Thile Encore

It's been about 6 months since I posted about Chris Thile (tee-lee), but the longer this guy is around, the more I am impressed with him.  Is it possible to become a legend before you die?  If it is, then this guy is well on his way.

For your listening enjoyment and amazement, here  are some samples of his virtuosity and versatility:

Nickel Creek - Sweet Afton (Thile's melody set to Robert Burns' poem) with his original hit-it-big trio: 

Punch Brothers - Thile and a conglomerate of other talented young fellows use their traditional bluegrass instruments to play multiple genres of music.  Here they are covering a Strokes tune:

And here they "cover" Bach's Brandenburg concerto #3: (forward to 1:30 to hear the music)

In an entirely mind-blowing performance, Thile performs Bach's E Major Prelude solo on the mandolin.  Crazy good.

W/ Michael Daves - in 2011 Thile and Michael Daves recorded a classic, old-timey-sounding bluegrass album titled, Sleep With One Eye Open

Goat Rodeo Sessions - A recent, unlikely collaboration of between Thile, YoYo Ma (cello), Stuart Duncan (banjo and violin), and Edgar Meyer (bass), with special guest, Aoife O'Donovan (vocalist), recording a song whose lyrics she and Thile co-wrote across texts.

This sampling only showcases a very small portion of Thile's work.  If you liked it, check him out further.  Have a great day, y'all.

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