Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Convert


I am sold.  100% taken.  Past the point of no return. 

Few things in my lifetime have transformed me into an enthralled, giddy little school girl, but that is exactly what has just happened to me. 

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  That's the phrase that keeps playing over and over in my head.

For years  I've listened with skepticism as Mac devotees praised its virtues.  I always figured the use of terms like "user-friendly" and "intuitive" were probably nothing more than the parroting of a sales pitch these folks had swallowed.  I mean...seriously.  A computer is a computer is a computer, right?  One might be faster or a tad snazzier, but...c'mon...they're basically all the same.

I.  WAS.  WRONG.  (do you have any idea how hard it is for me to say that??!)

I  acquired my first iMac 2 days ago, and if I can help it, I will never touch another PC. I am a new believer in all things Apple.

Now...some of the upgraded technology I am loving is not unique to the wireless keyboard and mouse...WiFi.  Yes, we have been hopelessly behind on taking advantage of the latest and greatest advances.  But NO TOWER?!  I love how streamlined and beautiful this whole thing is.  One power cord and that's it.  Clean lines.  Unobtrusive.   I DO realize there's more to it than aesthetics, but that represents one part of my newfound joy.  And the graphics?  Phenomenal.  The color and clarity are astonishing to me.

Then there's this OSX Lion thing.  Holy toledo.  Flawless.  Seamless.  Incredibly easy to use, move, organize, share, transfer, etc.  User-friendly?  I concede.  This system is less cumbersome and more streamlined.   It all flows and makes sense.  I know what to do without even knowing.  I guess I would describe it as...intuitive...yeah...that's the word.  Yes, I too have drunk the Kool-Aid.  

And all I can say is "Please, Sir, may I have some more?"


Brandy said...

Glad to have you as a Mac convert! I'm one too! I love it all :0)

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Lori.

-Jeremy S.

Lori Shaffer said...

Ha! Thanks, you two!