Friday, March 16, 2012

Life Under the Sun

What do a seminary professor, a former NFL lineman, a pastor and a chef all have in common?  

Life under the sun, that's what.

I have had the privilege of attending a series of "lectures" on Friday evenings at an unassuming little coffee shop in South City.  I have been intellectually stimulated, as one would expect to be in a lecture series, but more than that, I have been edified, encouraged, enriched, and moved by the personal narratives of men whose lives are being lived Coram Deo; men with widely divergent paths but whose stories all point to a single truth: God's faithful redemptive work in the soul of man brings forth profound beauty and magnificence that cannot be surpassed.

God intervenes in our stories.  He inserts Himself into our narratives.  Sometimes through our foolishness.  Sometimes through our faithful service to others.  Sometimes through inconceivable tragedy.  Sometimes that intervention comes at our plea, but sometimes it comes when we are running full bore to avoid Him.

In spite of the fall, sin, and the curse, the beauty of life under the sun has been uncovered in each of these men's narratives.  Regardless of their particular callings, each has experienced God's revelation of His mercy, grace, redemption, and love in their stories.  In turn, they have sought diligently to bring the wonders of God's truth and light to bear on their daily work.  

Their paths, not unlike ours, have at times been arduous and even treacherous.  They have experienced both the glory and the tragedy that is Man, and have reconciled this antithesis in The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

They have not lived "charmed" lives, but rather common, everyday, mundane lives like yours and mine.  But in responding to God's mercy, they have found joy and dignity in the everydayness of life under the sun. 

If you live in St. Louis, I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity the next 2 Friday nights.  You will be blessed and edified by entering into the ongoing story of God's redemption as you enter the stories of these men.   Meet us at the Broadway Bean at 7PM tonight! 

This series is sponsored by Resurrection Presbyterian Church.

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