Monday, April 23, 2012

O Most Villainous Villain!

I just read Shakespeare's Othello for the first time.  Perhaps I never would have read it, but   the Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis is performing it this summer at Forest Park and I wanted to be familiar with the storyline.  Wow.

I may have just been introduced to Shakespeare's most villainous villain!  Iago is a wicked man. When passed over for a promotion, he begins plotting the destruction of friend and foe alike...and if you know Shakespeare, you know how that's bound to turn out!

MacBeth's tragedy unfolds through a desperate grasp for power, Hamlet's through a driving desire for revenge, but the tragedy in Othello comes through the outworking of overwhelming jealousies: both Iago's, as well as false snares of jealousy which he lays out for others.

I was excited to learn that Bruce Longworth, who directed Hamlet a couple years ago, is filling that role again.  Though the cast is missing the talents of Jim Butz, I expect Mr. Longworth will do great things once again.  

Join me?  

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