Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Poem

Soldier Sacrifice
By Eric Shaffer
If you have the strength of a thousand men
And the courage of a lion;
If you can handle the unpredictable seas
And have an iron fortress of a stomach;
If you have the honor to fight 
And the will power to leave the ones you love;
If you have the agility of a cheetah 
And the intelligence of a computer;
If you have the dedication to keep on when all others have failed
And the discipline to go the extra mile; 
If you have the love to leave no man behind
And the kindness to protect the innocent;
If you have all of these admirable traits
Then you could be one of the few…. a Marine.


Laura said...

Way to go Eric!!

Oriana said...

So many people think being a Marine is all about the cooldog factor... But Eric's got it right.