Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Feculent Mall

This one is for Molly who, years ago, dubbed the old Crestwood Mall as "The Feculent Mall."  After being impressed that she not only knew the word, but also its Latin origin, I concluded that it was a rather snooty assignation from a young Pardon-Me-While-I-Go-To-The-Galleria gal.  As a non-mall goer, I was not really in a position to nullify her judgment...but in earlier years, I had whiled away some long days with toddlers in the Food Court and roaming around the wide open spaces, so I had some emotional ties to the place that I didn't want taken away. 
Turns out, The Prescient Molly saw the handwriting on the wall.  Either that, or she spread the "f" word around town and single-handedly ruined their commerce.  After a painfully long and slow migration, the mall officially closed its doors last month.  Photographer Dan Wampler has assembled a massive set of photos that present a "Beautiful Ruin."  (OK...technically they're a form of digital art and not straight up, honest-to-goodness photographs, but nevertheless...)    He saw more beauty in this dead, empty, lifeless place than I ever saw in it when it was alive and active.   I can't help thinking that the curators of The City Museum should come and rescue a few of these artifacts and work their magic with them.   
Here are 10 of Wampler's 103 impressive images. 


Follow this link to peruse the entire set in high resolution: 

(HT: Josh Anderson)

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