Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Have A Dream:

I have a dream.
I want to author the definitive, authoritative Lyle Lovett biography. 

It's not his quasi-celebrity status I'm drawn to, but the cowboy poet who resides beneath that 10-gallon hat, the quiet charm, the sly humor, and those unpretentious yet unbelievably compelling live performances. 

Of course, I don't really know this man but, from his music, I imagine him as a magnanimous student of life who is in tune to, fascinated by, and engaged with the complexities of the human spirit.  Who wouldn't want to know the story of a German-Irish Lutheran who rides both motorcycles and horses...who's known worldwide for his musical talent, but lives on and farms his grandfather's land where he grew up?
Who wouldn't want to know about growing up in Klein, Texas; about his mama; about life on the road; about his wildly gorgeous stallion, Smart N Shiney?
I want to know all those things.  I want to know the stories behind the spend weeks on a bus with Francine learn how he remained connected with his roots and "small-time" singer-songwriters after his meteoric rise.  Or maybe I just want to use him to get to Guy motives are a tad clouded on that front. 
But SOMEBODY needs to do this, right?  He's certainly too unassuming to write an Autobiography and his narrative is one that needs to be told.  Of that I am certain.  And who better to tell it than little ol' me?
Yep.  I have a dream.

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