Wednesday, December 25, 2013

70 Years

70 years ago today, another baby was born and is the reason I know The One whose birth we all celebrate today. 

She entered the world in the lowliest of circumstances...a bastard born to a poor, uneducated farmer in southeast Missouri. Though she was often despised, ridiculed, and taunted, this little girl was also her Daddy, and amazingly, by his wife (to whom she did not "belong"). Her story is the stuff of books...almost unbelievable at times...And her life could have taken a thousand wretched turns. 

As an adult, her primary perspective on life is simply this: "But God…"  

The One we celebrate today, captured her heart as a young child and laid out a path for her. A path fraught with danger, with turning points, with unforeseen heartache...but also with protection, with joy, and with unexpected blessings. BUT GOD, who is rich in mercy, not only rescued her, but KEPT her in his care through all the years and her primary aim has been to testify of His faithfulness.

I rejoice today in the birth of my Saviour Jesus Christ, but I also rejoice in the gift of my My Mother's birth.

Blessed are you among women and blessed be the name of your Lord whose steadfast love endures forever.

Happy birthday, Momma.

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