Tuesday, December 31, 2013

All Things for Good: The Best Things Work for Good

GOD'S ATTRIBUTES work for good.
1.  His power - supports us in our trouble, supplies our wants, subdues our corruptions, and conquers our enemies
2.  His wisdom - instructs us
3.  His goodness - leads us to repentance, and ushers in both common and crowning blessings
GOD'S PROMISES work for good.
1.  "The Lord is merciful and gracious."
2.  "I will heal their backslidings."
3.  "I will be with him in trouble."
There is more in the promises to comfort than in the world to perplex.
GOD'S MERCIES work for good.
1.  They make us humble.
2.  They make us tender toward Him.
3.  They make us fruitful.
4.  They make us thankful.
5.  They make us engaged.
6.  They make us compassionate toward others.
The spiritual mercies (Word, prayer, and sacrament) give us comfort, assurance, and hope.
1.  He prays that we may be kept from sin.
2.  He prays that we may progress in holiness.
The SAINT'S INTERCESSION works for good.
1.  They pray for our recovery.
2.  They pray for our victory.
3.  They pray for our deliverance.
4.  They pray for our forgiveness.
Summary of Ch. 1 - All Things for Good - Thomas Watson

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