Wednesday, January 1, 2014

All Things for Good - The Worst Things Work for Good

The EVIL OF AFFLICTION works for good.

1.  It comes from God's hand - Joseph
2.  It reveals God's presence - Jacob
3.  It causes us to seek God - King Manasseh (2 Chron. 33)
4.  It confirms our faith - Job
5.  It makes way for grace - Paul

As the painter intermixes bright colours with dark shadows, so the wise God mixes mercy with judgment.

The EVIL OF TEMPTATION works for good.

1.  It sends us to prayer.
2.  It makes us battle-strong.
3.  It abates the swelling of pride.
4.  It shows us what is in our hearts.
5.  It makes us fit to comfort others in distress.
6.  It makes us objects of God's fatherly compassion.
7.  It makes us long for heavenly rest.
8.  It engages Christ's strength and comfort on our behalf.

The EVIL OF DESERTION works for good.

The Lord's love cannot be withdrawn from one who never had it.  And he promises: "I will not hide my face forever."

1.  It cures the soul of sloth.
2.  It cures the soul of inordinate affections.
3.  It makes us prize His countenance more.
4.  It embitters sin to us.
5.  It set us to weeping for the loss of God.
6.  It sets the soul to seeking God earnestly.
7.  It causes us to examine ourselves for the cause.
8.  It gives us a taste of Christ's desertion by the Father.
9.  It prepares us for future comforts.

The EVIL OF SIN works for good.

It is a matter of wonder that any honey should come out of this lion, but God overrules our sin.

1.  The sins of others produce in us: holy sorrow, prayer, grace, opposition to sin, watchfulness, self-examination, good works

2.  My own sins produce in me: holy sorrow, watchfulness, gratitude, humility, empathy

--All Things for Good, Thomas Watson   

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