Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Edward's Odyssey

"I have learned how to love.  And it's a terrible thing.  I'm broken.  My heart is broken." 

Edward is proud, smitten with his own fineness.  Though he sometimes dreams about bigger and better ventures outside his four walls, he is almost as satisfied with his life as he is with himself.

One day Edward's whole world is turned upside down.  He experiences tragic loss after tragic loss and wishes desperately for wings to fly away from his troubles, but Edward is paralyzed...lifeless.  He has to be rescued by others over and over again.

These losses rob Edward of his dignity and diminish his beauty, but they also trigger his need for others.  Through this series of deaths and resurrections Edward becomes increasingly alive, moving from indifference - even scorn - toward those who love him, to appreciation, to fondness, to caring, and love.  Edward still wants wings, but he no longer wants them so he can fly away from his troubles but to fly to someone he loves.

But love isn't the end.  In fact, Edward quickly learns that love leads to hope and hope to disappointment and disappointment to sorrow and sorrow to despair.  Can anyone rescue him from that place?

This thoughtful and beautifully-illustrated story will delight both you and your children.

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