Saturday, September 24, 2011

Living Vicariously

Today, 2 very important men in my life, lived out 2 of my fantasies. 
At 8AM, my 17-year-old son headed toward the heavens for a hot air balloon ride.  I wasn't there to see this, but received a full report and dozens of photos upon his return.  This non-risk-taking child of mine loved the experience! 

I'm proud of you, Grant, for dragging yourself out the door at 6AM on Saturday and for stepping outside your comfort zone to enjoy a new experience!   

At 5PM, my soon-to-be-69-year-old Daddy headed toward the heavens for his first skydive.  He had never jumped before, but chose to go solo his very first time!!  THAT was a very brave move.  He hung suspended more than a mile in the air from the plane's strut.  As he let go, his body left its arch position too quickly and he experienced an unplanned flip.  Thankfully he remembered all his emergency procedures and recovered nicely to enjoy his leisurely descent.  He pulled off a pretty sweet landing too! 

See that tiny little foot rest?  That's where he stepped out of the plane...he had to reach beyond that black line and hang there until they told him to let go! CRAZY. 
 Giving us a very calm thumbs-up as though this is commonplace:
Can you make out the tiny black speck just below center left?  That is his plane just before he exited.

 Here he comes!
 Still smiling and ready to do it again! 
I'm proud of you, Papa!  And I'm proud of you too, Momma, for encouraging him to follow his dreams.  

What a beautiful day.

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