Thursday, September 22, 2011

Whate'er My God Ordains - A Paraphrase

Whatever my God ordains is right. 
His will is always holy. 
I will quiet my spirit
And follow where He leads.
He is my God! Even when my road is dark,
He holds me in His hand
And does not let me fall.
Therefore, I leave everything to Him.

Whatever God allows to happen is good.
He will never deceive me,
But will always lead me in the right path
And will stay by my side.
I will be content with whatever He sends my way
Knowing that He can turn away all my griefs.
So, patiently I wait for Him to act.

Whatever God sends is necessary for me.
Though this cup I'm drinking now
Seems bitter to my fainting heart,
I drink it without cowering.
Because I know my God is true
And will send comfort to my heart with every new day.
He will eventually banish sorrow and pain permanently.

Whatever hardship God puts me through is faithful.
Here I take my stand:
Whether sorrow or need or death are my lot,
Yet I know I am not forsaken.
In all those places, my Father's care
Surrounds me and He holds me securely
So that I cannot fall.
Therefore, I leave everything to Him.

Adapted from the Trinity Hymnal #94.

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