Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordsmith Wednesday


ludo (ludere, lusi, lusum) - to play; to mock


allude - a playful, light-spirited reference (allusion, allusive, allusiveness)

collude - to play to mock together, often in secret with harmful intent (collusion, collusive, colluder)

delude - to play down; to mislead or deceive by minimizing truty, reality or consequence (delusion, deluder)

illusion - a playful or mocking appearance (illusionist, illusory, illusive, disillusion, disillusionment)

elude - to paly or mock by avoiding or escaping (elusive, eluder)

interlude - a pause between 2 events or parts of an event ("between plays" or "play between")

prelude - to play before; a performance preceding the main attraction

postlude - to play after; a performance concluding the main attraction

ludicrous - mocking; ridiculously absurd (ludicrously, ludicrousness)

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