Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Coming Out of the Closet

I believe I can safely say that I have never ever posted a blog about fashion.  Not because I don't like fashion, but because I don't know fashion.  I am usually a year or two behind on the trends, because it often takes me a while to even become aware of them and then it takes even longer to adjust to the idea.  So, about the time a trend has ceased to be a trend and is on its way out, I'm finally buying into it...which makes for great shopping at Goodwill!  

I am bucking my own trend here, though, to "write" a fashion post.  Sort of.  

You see, I like scarves.  I've always liked scarves.  In fact, I may even LOVE scarves.  They provide a wonderfully safe way to incorporate eye-popping color and prints in which I would otherwise  not be caught dead.  They also present an economical way to spice up a closet full of classic lines and neutral colors.  But I have been eternally plagued by a dilemma: I don't know how to wear them!  I mean, I DO know 1 or 2 ways but they are the old-fashioned, traditional, "going-to-the-office" looks.  So I buy beautiful scarves, but they adorn my closet, not me.

But then last week!  Ahhh...last week.  T'was a life-changing week indeed...in terms of fashion, that is.  My friend, Dana Hui, brought the following video to my attention and wah-lah! 

Suddenly I can rock a scarf like nobody's business!  

I thank you, Dana, and my poor neglected scarves thank you as they will finally see the light of day!  This may well be the most useful YouTube video ever!


Brandy said...

Oh, geez! You are Mrs. Fashion as far as I am concerned! You always look cute as a button. That you SO MUCH for this video. I have done the same things with scarves. I put one around my neck, realize it looks ridiculous, and place it back in the drawer.

Lori Shaffer said...

I wore "The Magic Trick" one on Monday...and loved it!

Hope some of them work for you too!