Friday, October 14, 2011

The London Tea Room

I love St. Louis.  For many reasons.  Not the least of which are the abundant opportunities to listen to live musical performances free of charge.  No tickets, no entry fees, no cover charges.  It's astonishing really. 

Tonight offered another of those opportunities.

Thanks to my  sweet friend and fellow Christian, Mom, and Blogger, Annie, I became personally acquainted with the hammered dulcimer - played by none other guessed it...Dulcimer Dude (Annie's special appellation for him).  I also discovered a comfortable little spot where I would love to drink away my days.  Drinking TEA, that is.

The London Tea Room occupies an old storefront on  Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis.  It's not exactly what you might expect from a place with such a name.  You won't see a single doily.  Not even a hint of a floral print.  No lace.  No fine china.  And not a lick of pretense.  Just high ceilings, brightly colored walls, rustic wood floors, and an urban coffee shop atmosphere. 

You'll also find a selection of delectable-looking homemade pastries, a comprehensive and highly entertaining (yes, you heard me...ENTERTAINING) tea menu, and even a few coffee options for those who really must. 

Owner and manager, Jackie, is a transplanted Brit whose longing for the familiar tradition of afternoon tea, prompted her to set up shop.   Her emptiness has led to a fuller, more complete world for the rest of us, who never knew until now just what we were missing.  One taste of the Tanzanian or the Coconut Oolong and you'll wonder at our ancestors for hurling such unequivocal goodness into the harbor.

Visit the website...if the tea selection doesn't convince you, I guarantee their sense of humor will entice you to visit!  Patronize this gem of a shop as soon as you're able.  While you're there, why not wander next door into English Living - a haven of well-appointed home furnishings, owned by Jackie's folks.

If you need a guide to accompany you...I just might be available!


Laura said...

That menu is hilarious. I want a place just just just like that here in Louisville!!

Lori Shaffer said...

I know! We sat reading the menu and guffawing like idiots. It was great!