Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Mother's Prayer

At Grant's baby shower 18 years ago, my sister, Sherre, gave me a cassette with this song, which Grant and I listened to daily during his infancy.  I prayed this prayer for him over and over again throughout his childhood, and I'm praying it for him today as he prepares to leave us on Monday:  (the video is irrelevant, but this is the only recording I could find of this song)

May he have the faith of Abraham
May he have the boldness of Paul
May he have a heart like David

Always seeking God.

May he have the wisdom of Solomon
May he have the patience of Job
May he be a leader like Joshua
Always full of hope.

May he have the courage of Daniel
May he have the love of John
May he know your voice like Samuel
Always obey God.

Father God, bless my son
May he grow to be a man of God.

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