Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I am thankful for men who have devoted their lives to teaching.  

This school year, my boys' lives have been enriched by their male teachers, who have not only inspired and challenged them academically, but who have also taken the time to build relationships that helped keep them grounded and secure.

However tough and independent they may appear, teenage boys need to know that they are cared for, especially by the men in their lives.  The teaching profession demands much and offers little in return (in terms of both money and gratitude), so I give thanks to God for those who have extended themselves beyond the duty of teaching to the grace of loving and relating to my sons.

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Randy S. said...

I had a man for my 4th grade teacher and was MOST impressed. He was a strong Christian, and a great role-model for us all. Too bad that teaching is not attractive to more men.