Thursday, May 19, 2011

When To Say When

My youngest has tried repeatedly this school year to find a word whose definition I don't know.  Out of the blue he confidently asks, "Mom, do you know what ________ means?"   Each and every time he's convinced that this is the one that's gonna stump me.  May I very humbly say that so far, he has been entirely unsuccessful?  (OK, so maybe I failed on the "humbly" part...)

One afternoon, out of frustration, he burst out, "Are there any words you don't know?!"  I assured him there are LOTS and LOTS of them.  In desperation, he grabbed the dictionary off the shelf and chose a random word.  Although I had never heard it before, I thought I detected some Latin roots and took a stab at it, coming close enough that he considered me right and moaned in frustration.  That, my friends, was the end of that little game.  The child finally figured out when to say when!

But...apparently, said child's soul was not satisfied, because he inherited an indefatigable competitive gene from his mother and maintains his desperate desire to conquer her in some way.  So these days, his challenges have nothing to do with language and everything to do with brute strength.  Hmph. (cheater!)

Each time he throws the gauntlet, I initially refuse...but usually end up giving in. (Yes, I am still a sucker for a double-dog-dare!!)

It just so happens that when I accept, The Dad just so happens to be waiting subtly in the wings, camera-in-hand, so he can document my thoroughly feminine feats for all posterity.

"Hey, Mom.  I bet you can't squat this tree trunk." [he demonstrates]

"I'm sure you're right, Son."  [long pause] "But...I think maybe I can.  How many reps?"  *SNAP*! 

In a skirt even...sheesh!!
"Hey, Mom.  Watch this!"  [he proceeds to shoulder-press the kitchen table]  "Think you can do that?"

"Oh no.  I'm quite sure I can't."  [very long pause]  "But...........perhaps I can."  *SNAP*!

"Hey, Mom.  Think you can beat me at arm wrestling?"

"Ummmmmmmm...NO."  [perpetual pause...during which child gloats with triumphant "Gotcha!" grin]

I mean c'mon!  Look at this:

Then look at this:

Yeah right.  I too know when to say when! 


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Anonymous said...

You're a good mom ...always up for a challenge.

Jess said...

best thing that i read all day. go you! I like it when we women can surprise those manly men with our own set of strength. :-) Sounds like y'all are making some good memories and I think it's great Uncle Steve is partaking of the festivities!