Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Everything In Its Place

I WANT to say I don't know how this happens.  But I do.  I get wrapped up in this project or that opportunity or this person or that book...I run from one to the next to the next without coming up for air and when I finally SLOW DOWN...I am surrounded by ONE BIG MESS!

This week I began putting things back in order in my home, one room at a time.  First: I empty it completely, as if I were moving out.  Then: I clean the empty room, top to bottom.  Next: I handle every single item that came out of the room. It either gets tossed, or put in a yard sale pile, or cleaned and assigned a home within the newly cleaned and organized room.  

Room #1:  Laundry Room - View 1

Laundry Room: View #2

Just getting' started...


Rebekah said...

HA! Didn't think you let this happen! I always say I love organizing, but keeping it that way is another story!

Lori Shaffer said...

Yes! Keeping that way is the trick. I always become disorganized when I tackle several projects in a row outside the home. I haul things in and out without immediately putting everything back and next thing I know...I have a disaster on my hands!