Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Civil Wars

I know I have been promoting this duo incessantly for weeks on end, but I simply can't get over them!   When I think I can't be drawn any further in, they go and make an impression deeper than the previous ones.

Their songwriting is lyrically and musically superior...poetic, thoughtful, harmonic, beautiful in every way.  Their debut album is flawless from beginning to end.  Their LIVE performances are breathtakingly powerful.  They move seamlessly in concert...their connection to one another's musical and interpretive sensibilities elevates their performances.

High praise, I know.  But anyone who can step into the Tonight Show studio and pull off a performance this powerful with only 2 voices and a single guitar, possesses real and lasting talent.

Aaahhhh!!!!  Amazing.

I also appreciate the joy that exudes from these two when they perform.  They take their music seriously enough to do it exceptionally well, but they have not yet begun to take themselves too seriously and they transfer joy to their audience.  

Here's one more...and then I'll quit (for today).

OK...I lied.  Just one more which highlights their versatility.  Even though these two primarily perform their own music, they have also done some amazingly original covers including "You Are My Sunshine" in a minor key, a lovely rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me to the End of Love," "I Want You Back" by the Jackson Five, and then there's this:

They are brilliant.  They can do no wrong.  They embody musical perfection. 

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