Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Perhaps I repeat myself, but that's OK, right?

I return thanks to God for faithful women friends.  In particular, I am thankful for 8 special gal pals with whom I have taken an annual trek for 14 years now.  Each of our lives has changed dramatically through this passage of time.  We have experienced a variety of joys and triumphs, failures and heartaches, and we have rejoiced and mourned together in ways that have created inseparable bonds. 

Don't imagine that we are unusual or that we have sailed smoothly along in flawless relationship for all these years.  The truth is, we have stepped on each other's toes...hurt each other's feelings...been insensitive to one another...dismissed significant events or emotions that we didn't understand...spoken harsh words that we regret.  We are all so very different - a rather varied, and sometimes motley, crew to be sure.  But, we have served one another...cried on each other's shoulders...laughed ourselves silly...repented, apologized, loved and prayed together...and, most importantly, we have FED each other!!  

Seriously.  Though we have diverse personalities, interests and opinions, one of our great bonding rituals is to cook for each other on our trips.  Besides our love for Christ, good food and wine are a common bond, and we delight in the joy we know we've shared when our careful selection,  investment, and preparation elicit genuine appreciation - best expressed in "Mmmmms," "Ooohs," and "Ahhhs" - around the table.   

I need these women in my life and am thankful that God placed them here long ago to shape, encourage, help, rebuke and love me.

Thanks be to God for faithful Christian friendships 

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Angie B. said...

>> Thanks be to God for faithful Christian friendships <<

Amen! I know women--Christian women, no less--who sometimes sound downright misogynist. As you said, it's not always smooth sailing. But what a blessing female friends can be. Glad you've been able to grow and continue your relationship with these ladies through the years.