Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordsmith Wednesday

Latin Root: lux, lucis = light

Derivatives: lucerne, lucid, lucidity, elucidate, lucent, translucent, translucence, lucite, lucifigous, lucifigal, lucida, Lucifer, Lucius, Lucy, Lucia 

*NOTE: The following words are NOT derived from this Latin root: 

luxury, luxurious, luxuriant, deluxe (all from the Latin, luxuriare, to have in excess)   

lucre, lucrative (from Latin, lucrum, to gain or profit)

hallucinate, hallucination, hallucinogen (from Latin, hallucinatus, to wander or ramble)

reluctant, reluctance, ineluctable (from Latin, luctari, to struggle)

Greek Root: phos, photos = light

Derivatives: photograph, photographer, photography, aphotic, photocopy,  photophobia, phototropism, photosynthesis, photon, photogenic, photokinesis, phosphorous, phosphorescence, phosphate

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