Friday, November 18, 2011

A Walk in the Burbs

It never ceases to amaze me that something as routine as a daily ramble in the neighborhood can consistently provide adventure and amusement...with a tad of humiliation thrown in for good measure.

No.  I didn't fall again.  Though I'm not sure I would admit it at this point, if I did.  I refuse to document more than one klutzy moment per calendar year.

Today's amusements included getting unexpectedly barked at from the window a passing pickup...I was deep in thought (of course) and nearly jumped out of my skin!  I know at least a half dozen drivers saw me.  But hey...what am I good for if not to entertain the masses?  

Then there's this house dominated by a raging-maniac of a chiuaua who, from inside the safety of his home, barked like mad while repeatedly going airborne at least 4 feet!  Holy toledo!  That dog is nuts!!  I couldn't help but stop and watch to see if he could keep it up.  He could...and did...until I resumed my walk and disappeared from his sight.

THEN...yeah then...I'm running (well, it was more like hauling, really) my behind up a hill ( was more of a slight incline...but still! Can I just tell my story, please, without worrying about accuracy?!), panting, heaving, working harder than any human being should have to, when suddenly, some cute, young, skinny thing very nonchalantly and effortlessly passes me by.  Hmph.  "I was young once too," I mutter under my breath...but only because I didn't have enough breath to release any real sound!

May I suggest that if your daily life lacks luster, perhaps you too should consider a daily stroll?   You just might find (or provide...) that dose of happy that we all need.

Happy Walking, y'all.


Oriana said...

Of what gender was this "cute, young, skinny thing"? Because... I can run forever on a soccer field but these Eureka hills kill me! Of course, the one that sailed past me just HAD to be of the opposite gender. And now I see this certain someone quite often and they raise their eyebrows and nod and get this little smirk... Ugh. Why does he gotta be so stinking cute???

Bobber said...

When someone passes me on a hill I will try to stay close behind them. Then when we get to the top I just cruse on by leaving them in my dust!