Thursday, August 18, 2011

30 in 30: Breakfast Sandwich

As with any breakfast sandwich, you can tailor this to your personal tastes by using scrambled eggs instead of fried; bacon or ham instead of sausage; and a favorite gourmet cheese, if you so desire.  But here is the standard morning sandwich that my boys love:

Breakfast Sandwich

(this is a stock photo, not my own)

Heat Sister Schubert's rolls according to package instructions.

Pat out and fry a sausage patty big enough to cover the roll...Jimmy Dean Regular is our favorite.  While second side of sausage is frying, place slice of colby-jack cheese on the already cooked side to melt.

Fry one egg until center is set but soft.

Place cheese-encrusted sausage, and fried egg on the hot SS roll.  

Throw on a paper plate and rush out the door, eating on your way to school.  

Well...maybe that last part isn't necessary, but that's the way we always do it!  I'm convinced it tastes better that way!

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