Thursday, August 11, 2011

30 in 30: Cucumber-Dill Bites

Cucumber-Dill Bites

Slice a Sister Schubert's roll in half.  Quarter each half (you should end up with 8 pieces).  Bake at 250 degrees for 15-20 minutes, until bread is toasted and crisp.  Let cool.

Blend together:

2 oz. cream cheese, softened
2 T. fresh dill
Squeeze of lime juice
1 T. splenda

Spread generously onto toasts.  Top each with a cucumber slice.  Sprinkle with coarse ground salt & pepper.

VARIATION:  use fresh mint instead of dill, or a combination of both dill and mint!  


Anonymous said...

okay, I just went through your blog to catch up on what's happening with Betty. I want to know are you eating all these yummy, calorie laden, interesting Sister Schubert concoctions or are you giving them away? Are you running 10 miles a day to be able to eat these scrumptious (too lazy to check the spelling) delectable dishes? Joanie

Lori Shaffer said...

Well...since I am making up the recipes, I have to at least TRY them to make sure they are edible! You may have noticed a little thickening of my waistline...I've recently put on 14 pounds!!!!

For most of these, I either make small portions and then sample them...sometimes I make a full dish and give all but my sampling away...sometimes I end up throwing most of it out (shhhh...don't tell!)

And I am only running 3 miles a day, dear. I have zero inclination to ever run further than that! :-)

Thanks for stopping by and catching up.